NDI: αναρτήσεις για την ημερίδα που πραγματοποιήθηκε στα Βρασνά την 11/09/2021

Ετικέτα: Summerhill Summerhill: Το Φεστιβάλ ενός αντιαυταρχικού αγγλικού σχολείου ήρθε στα Βρασνά Χρήστος Ωραιόπουλος – September 22, 2021

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Λίγο Summerhill στα Βρασνά parallaxi – September 24, 20210 Η κα. Γεωργία Τριανταφυλλίδου γράφει για την πρωτότυπη εμπειρία της στο Φεστιβάλ ενός αντιαυταρχικού αγγλικού σχολείου

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Summerhill Festival of Childhood

12 ώρ.  · We are delighted to announce that Kostas Bakertzis and the NDI team is speaking at our festival!Kostas Bakirtzis. Psychopedagogist, Clinical psychosociologist, Group facillitator and psychotherapist, Associated professor in Department of Pedagogy in Aristotle University of ThessalonikiI was born in 1944 in Thessaloniki/Greece. As a physicist in the begining(1964-1970) in France I was influenced by the spirit of May ’68 and I changed orientation.

I studied in the Science of Education department of the experimental University of Vincennes/Paris VIII where I learned about the movement of Human Potential (W.Reich, J.Moreno, K.Lewin, C.Rogers, F.Perls ect). I also studied Clinical Psychology (Paris VII, 1980-1984). I worked in a project of social inclusion of marginal youth in Paris.Back in Greece I worked as a physics and chemistry teacher in public school (1978-1980) discovering experiencial pedagogy in action. I trained in Group Facilitation (1980-1982) and in W.Reich psychotherapy method (1980-1984). I was a close collaborator with Michel Lobrot (1983-2018) in France and in Greece. Besides being a professor in pedagogy in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki I taught in theater, psychology, philosophy and educational policy departments. I was also in charge of training teachers and professors of all the grades of public school and a trainer for Facilitation,Counseling and Psychotherapy. I am a founding member among my colleagues of the Experiential Intervention NDI institute in Thessaloniki that intends to spread and apply the philosophy of Non Directive Intervention (N.D.I.), a psychopedagogical and sychotherapeutic theory and methodology inspired by Michel Lobrot. The seven-day summer encounter of N.D.I in the island of Samothraki is a research-experience of the ability and the potential of creating a common well-being, co-shaping a ‘utopian’ living together filled with sea, green, mountain streams, free bodies under the sun, talking under the trees, dancing, painting,playing… We validate more and more every year that the hypothesis of people living together is actual and real. This encounter is a great joy, a vital excitement and a deep satisfaction for me and for other participants too.You can meet Kostas if you register to the event here: https://summerhillfestival.com/online-festival-2021/#ndi#carlrogers#michellobrot#psychopedagogy#psychotherapy

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